Paideia Connect is the alumni association for graduates from Paideia, the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden. Although Paideia Connect has strong bonds with the institute, it is an independent organization. Graduates from Paideia’s One Year Program, Paradigm and Project Incubator are eligible to become members of the association. Currently, there is no admission or membership fee.

Our main goal is to keep the network of Paideia alumni alive and to support alumni in their efforts towards the renewal of Jewish life & culture in Europe. To this end, we organize the Annual Alumni Conference in a different European city every year. In previous years, the conference has taken place in Kiev, Toledo or Venice, to mention a few places. Local Jewish communities have often been our hosts. The Alumni Assembly convenes during each Annual Conference and appoints the board of the association.

In 2014 we started a new project called the Paideia Hub. The goal of this project is to bring together alumni who live in one particular location and to connect them through videolink with other hubs in cities across Europe. At the same time, the different hubs connect with the main Paideia headquarters in Stockholm to participate in a special lecture given by one of the visiting scholars. With the Paideia Hub project, our goal is to provide new opportunities for Jewish learning and for networking among alumni.

For the future, we are working on an alumni database to help our members find potential partners for their projects. We are also discussing different alternatives to support alumni in their fundraising efforts.