You can be the member of Paideia Connect under one condition: you are an alumni of one of the Paideia programmes:

 One Year Program
 Project Incubator
 Paradigm Project

Filling registration form and sending it to us is enough!
During the registration, please provide us your accurate information, including the year of the participation in the Paideia program(s)!
After your registration is finished you will get a confirmation email.

Paideia Connect membership let you keep in touch with your program colleagues, but this is not the only benefit.

As a member, you will have constant access to the bunch of opportunities:

• access to Paideia network
• right to participate in PC events, such as Annual Conferences, Beit Makshava, Paideia Hub and others
• newsletter on your mailbox every month, with news from other Paideinics, review of latest calls for fellowships, conferences, job opportunities within European (and wider) Jewish horizon
• platform to share experiences and look for advises and partners for your own project

Paideia Connect membership is voluntary, doesn’t require any regular involvement, you can withdraw at any time  – but why one would like to do it?